IQ Cloud Mining Review Report- A Growing Cryptocurrency Start- Up.

What is IQ Mining?

IQ Mining aims to deliver efficient cryptocurrency services to its clients, by decreasing the costs incurred by the mining power taken to run the service, through adjustable agreements between electricity suppliers and providers of Mining Hardware.

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The Entire Team of IQ Mining consists of Professionals from a variety of disciplines with a common view and mission in Cryptocurrency Trading. However, its main operations are constructed by IT Engineers and Blockchain Programmers who constructed the platform for service users, particularly in the aforementioned countries.

How IQ Mining Operates Cryptocurrencies:

It is to be noted that cryptocurrencies are digital assets which are created using cryptography and acts as a medium to take in transactions as well as extra units of the currency. The five cryptocurrencies which customers can mine with IQ Mining are Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Dash, and ZCash.

The above organization uses their hardware to mine cryptocurrencies. Customers sign up to “Smart Contracts” which helps in protecting their deliveries as well as their price and consumption. This is said to guarantee at least triple profits at every MH/s. The mining of the cryptocurrencies is performed by IQ Mining themselves on behalf of the Customer.

The above organization is aware of the fluctuations in altcoin pricing foreshadows risk- even though they yield high returns. The portfolio managers who work for IQ Mining are in charge of converting altcoin to better market prices in bitcoin. Limit order opportunities are retrieved from relevant exchanges which provide appropriate prices and spreads.

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When service users trade with IQ Mining, they can mine many altcoins along with each other- as compared to singular altcoin mining by other providers. The service also switches off altcoin orders with low profitability through constant monitoring- which again is not provided by other altcoin mining companies.

There is no risk of price fluctuations and the incomes are directly paid into the wallets of the customer- as compared to other companies who facilitate the fluctuations of altcoin prices. Again, the former places lower maintenance fees as compared to other companies within the competition.

Benefits of Trading with IQ Mining:

Customers receive fixed payouts in bitcoin as per the market prices of bitcoin as well as how difficult it could be to mine cryptocurrencies. Only 1 withdrawal can be made per 24 hours, although there are not necessarily any other conditions for customers to withdraw profits to their wallets.

As a result of the above, customer’s accounts are often updated once every day, although it may occasionally take up to 48 hours if there is any overriding within the systems. There are also minimum purchase and withdrawal amounts for all the cryptocurrencies. Payments are accepted in Bitcoin, Litecoin, and similar other methods.

With IQ Mining, there are daily payouts which actually increase the size of the account of the customer- consequently not only increases the profits for the customer but also decreases the chances to spend further money to buy further contracts with IQ Mining. Registration is free and the maintenance costs per Asset depends upon the plan purchased [as mentioned above].

Plans and Pricing:

There are up to 15 plans in total provided by the above organization- divided into 3 plans for 5 cryptocurrency resources. The 3 plans are Bronze, Silver, and Gold and the resources are Scrypt Miner, SHA- Miner, Ethereum Mining, Dash Mining and ZCash Mining.

Customers can purchase up to 10000 MH/s [megahash per second] and have to pay the minimum price per MH/s in American Dollars as according to the plan you purchase. For example, if one customer buys 300 MH/s of Trading with Scrypt Miner and the Price per MH/s is $2 [according to the Bronze Plan], then the customer would obviously have to pay $600 in total.

To pursue mining with the above organization, there is no need to purchase special hardware or software or to subscribe to any form of cloud computing. The above organization performs the mining on behalf of the customer. Not to forget that customers can trade with IQ Mining- which is actually in the form of a cloud that facilitates affordable cryptocurrency conversions.

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In General, IQ Mining aims to provide a cost-effective and innovative way to trade cryptocurrencies in the future years to come and also aims to revolutionize the ways customers can obtain instant and secure profits with minimal risks.