Binary Robot 365 – Scam Free Software to Trade? Read Full Review!

Binary Robot 365 Overview

Using binary auto trading software is considered as the latest trends in binary trading. Binary system Autobots are gaining more popularity as they offer you with best exposure to the financial market. They also improve your chances of generating genuine profits.

It is certain that with technological evolution more number of binary trading systems are being discovered. Systems like Binary robot 365 increase your chance of generating better profits with trading in binary options trades.

Binary Robot 365 Full Review

To get a very clear picture of this trading Auto bot, you have to go through each aspect of features provided in our binary robot 365 review. The software is categorized as genuine binary trading system.


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The trading software offers users with services in 12 distinct languages worldwide. You can make the settings according to your personal needs keeping in mind your gains. You can customize your trading amount, investment options, expiry dates and preferred assets.

You can also make use of the money management techniques for generating profits including Fibonacci, Classic and Martingale system. Ever since its launch, Binary robot 365 has managed to gain popularity amongst most traders online.

Key features offered by Binary Robot 365

We have reviewed this binary trading robot and have identified the following key features offered.

  • The software is completely automated and customizable.
  • The user interface is very much user-friendly and simple to follow.
  • You can make use of simple trading strategies.
  • Offers users with advanced strategies for binary trading options.
  • You can get started by investing as low as USD 100 to USD 250 in your trading account.
  • You can also install it on your mobile phones.
  • One main benefit is that the trading system is also open for traders from US origin.
  • It makes use of 7 most popular trading indicators for predicting your wins.
  • It offers users with over 90 percent success rate with trading.
  • Offers users with three most successful trading strategies – Classic, Martingale and Fibonacci.
  • You can make the selection of professional brokers from brokers pool.
  • It offers with best trading history in the past.
  • You may never have to invest recurring trading charges.
  • Offers users with 24X7 support system.
  • You can make use of Live chat feature when trading.

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Getting started with trading on Binary Robot 365

Most traders are selecting Binary robot 365 because it is simple to use. So it is certain that you can get started with using it following simple steps. To get started you just have to make the selection of your preferred broker from drop box.


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You have to provide with your valid email id and your password along with your contact details. Most brokers you may find here are approved by CySec and ASIC. In case you are residing in Europe or Asia then you can make the selection from BdSwiss brokers.

They offer you with minimum deposit USD 100 for start up. If you are residing in US then you can make the deposit of USD 250 in your account and select Dinero Libre broker.

The moment you have completed the process of verification of your account you can get access to software interface and your trading account. You can make use of multiple options to make initial deposit in your trading account via Skrill, Debit card or Neteller.

Next, you have to set it on auto bot mode for getting started with your trading. The automated system will place bids on multiple currency pair/index. You can customize most features of this software. You can also make the selection of indicators and time frame.

You can make your per-defined settings on auto bot option mode.  The software will take full control of your trades in this mode. In case you need assistance you can contact the support team via phone number.

How to make your first investment in your account?


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You may have to follow simple steps for funding your trading account.

  • You have to first log on to the main page of the website Binary robot 365.
  • You have to enter your details and then select the preferred broker.
  • Now you have to access the robot feature of the software.
  • You have to click on the real mode option.
  • Now you are free to make your very first deposit in your trading account.

Cost factor

The software is available for free so you don’t have to worry about making any upfront payments. You just have to get registered and select your preferred broker. Once you have created your account you are free to use it.

The software offers new traders with an option to refer and introduce other traders to the system. You may also get paid for referring other traders to using the system.


Index and assets available

The trading software offers users with 24 hour trading facilities in AUDUSD, USDJPY and EURUSD. The software is licensed for users. The brokers are willing to offer first time users with all possible guidance.

In case you are having any queries then you are free to contact the support team at your convenience.

Pros and cons of Binary robot 365

Pro factors

Offers with risk management

Software is customizable fully

Offers users with proven trading history

More than 90% winning rate

Multiple Assets

Multiple Brokers

Free Package


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You get to make use of 365 support system by professional team. You can make use of Live chat option. You can also generate a ticket for your query. You just have to provide with your contact details and professional team will contact you immediately.

You can also ask your query using the contact form. You can expect your queries to be solved within 24 hours from generating your ticket. You can also make use of email services for your queries. This binary robot 365 review article provides you with information that may be helpful for you to get started with trading business. 

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