Binary Option Robot Review – The Best Auto Trading Robot!

Binary Option Robot Overview

Binary Option Robot Review – it is a semi-automated trading system which give complete control over our trading business. The system supports a lot of financial assets, while providing plenty of trading options via different trading strategies, signals, and indicators.

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It is also a user-friendly online trading system that allows traders to access the system on their mobile devices.

With this system in place, people trade through regulated brokers. The best part is that users don’t have pay services charges for automated trading and trading signals. If you want further information about BOR, then you should probably go online and search for Binary Option Robot Review.

Full Review

Binary Option Robot or BOR provides us with a semi-automatic trading platform which allows online traders to be in control on their online trading activities. There are various likeable aspects about the binary options trading platform. Going through an unbiased binary option robot review will help us know how we can profit from the system.

Binary option robot – an introduction

First of all, we need to know that all the binary options trading platforms on the market can’t offer us sustained profits. It is quite common for us to find trading systems and service providers promising to offer extravagant bonuses.

And that, it might look the impossible becoming possible. Binary Option Robot, a premium and more advanced binary trading platform has several of proven history to support its claims.

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In this review of Binary Option Robot, let’s us try to know more about the system in terms of the real-world market scenarios and strategies. Let us also analyse the app performance, the trading atmosphere, and subscription fees.

BOR is not a licensed or regulated entity. It is one among the biggest automated trading platforms. It emerged in 2014 and is one of the pioneers of its kind. The system lets people utilize the growing marketability of Binary Options trading.

Irrespective of the firm’s shortcomings, the safety of people’s investment depends on the regulatory reliability and quality of brokers. So, if people choose the brokers appropriately from BOR,  they will be able to enjoy a great level of protection. The team at BOR claims that it has associations with several top binary options trading brokers.

Review Verdict: Binary Option Robot is NOT a Scam
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How Binary Option Robot works

BOR is not a regular trading platform that puts our accounts on autopilot pilot mode. In this modern age where trading robots and automated trading are getting popular, BOR knows the need for striking a proper balance between manual trading and automated training. Hence, BOR is a semi-automated platform that acts as a trading robot and a trading services provider.

Most of the BORs provide its users with a facility for opening and closing orders, without the need for inputs by the traders. Such automated platforms don’t need the traders’ presence or guidance. So, the emotional facets of trading will be eliminated. However, fully automated trading systems have a few drawbacks like heavy draw downs and losing streaks.

To keep from such risks, BOR follows a semi-automated point of view, so that the traders can have complete control on their investments. Also, BOR won’t attempt to trade without the presence of the traders. In fact, it will ask for the traders’ approval to place an order.

Hence, this semi-automated perspective makes sense for those who look for full control. However, human emotions have an important role during the entry as well as the exit of online trades. So, the success or failure of BOR depends on traders’ emotional stature.

BOR – binary options trading made simple and easy

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Opening a BOR account is simple, as all the financial transactions will occur between users and brokers. Binary Option Robot let the users create an account with any brokers listed there.

The BOR platform just like its competitors and peers is an internet-based interface which gives the users the access to markets via a web trading system.

The web system will connect traders with their brokers with the help of a semi-automated platform. The main BOR system is built on advanced algorithms which use various signals providers and strategies for offering a fusion of the most reliable trading strategies.

Also, a legit Binary Option Robot Review will make us understand that the system does not restrict us when it comes to choosing strategy providers. This means; we can choose several strategy providers.

Traders will have good control of their trading strategies, which will allow them to customize or modify the strategies based on the indicators, binary products, expiration times and money management concepts.

A VIP account lets users access advanced facilities like additional trading and risk management functionalities. However, these options can be accessed only if the users refer other clients to the BOR system or meet the minimum trading requirements.

Review Verdict: Binary Option Robot is NOT a Scam
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What is the minimum amount of money to open a trading account at Binary option robot?

$200 is the minimum amount required to open an account at brokers by BOR. However, different brokers have different minimum investment requirements.

On an average, people will have to invest in between $200 and $350. They can use Bank wire transfer, MasterCard, Visa, Neteller, Skrill and PayPal to deposit funds. Deposits Get credit to the broker accounts immediately, while withdrawals take 2 to 3 days time.

BOR lets traders invest in several markets such as Futures, indices, commodities, and stocks. BOR obtains its feeds from several sources and uses sophisticated trading indicators and algorithms. This means; the platform covers a broad range of financial assets and markets.


The platform doesn’t have application for mobile platforms like iOS and Android. Hence, users can trade only through the responsive online interface. However, people can use their BOR accounts on mobile devices. The company makes sure that people use their system on different devices without compromises.

Success rate

Though the BOR has not mentioned any solid figure about the trading performance,  the average rate of success is 65% to 80%. This rate depends on various trading signals, indicators, and strategies.

BOR does not collect any fees from users and is pretty much similar to many other trading systems. It requires people to open trading accounts through its system, so that the system gets commissions and affiliate fees. Therefore, users don’t get to pay anything.

Review Verdict: Binary Option Robot is NOT a Scam
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