14 The Best Crypto Trading Bots 2019!

Introduction of  Best Crypto Trading Bot

Trading in cryptocurrencies is a very complicated process. Here is a simplified version of what you need to for you to trade successfully. First, you need to convert your local currency into something called base currency. The base currency may be Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin.

Second, you need to convert your base cryptocurrency into altcoins. You can make the change by purchasing the various altcoins that are on the market using your base currency. Given the delicate nature of the process, you need to monitor the fluid exchange rates carefully.

Then there is the part of pairing your cryptocurrencies and monitoring the trend to determine whether you are making a profit or a loss. To do this part, you need to understand the relationship between Monero (XMR) and your Bitcoin.

Trade Crypto using Automated Trading Robot

You can save yourself from all these messy and intricate processes and still make money trading in cryptocurrencies. Crypto trading bots have been designed to do precisely this. But then there are hundreds of crypto trading bots that are on the market today. Therefore, for you to get the best results, you need to acquire a reliable bot to do the job for you.

What are Crypto Trading Bots?

Cryptocurrency trading bots, or simply, crypto trading bots are special programs that can effectively read trends in crypto platforms and execute commands. A bot is a program that can automatically do a specific task. Thus, specialized bots that have been programmed to trade in cryptocurrencies are called crypto trading bots.

You need to note that the bots are not automatons. Contrary to popular belief, the bots can effectively learn and adapt to trends that occur in the crypto trading world. If the bots were not intelligent and capable of learning, then they would not serve the all-important purpose of making effective decisions to maximize your value of cryptocurrencies.

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Why You Should Use Crypto Trading Bots

It is important to point out at this stage that crypto trading bots will not do everything for you. in fact, if you find a crypt trading bot that is said to generate money for you automatically, then know that you are dealing with scammers.

Ideally, a crypto trading bot should only help you trade effectively but not replace you entirely. If you use a bot, you need first to develop the right trading strategies. Then, you must feed those strategies in the form of specific parameters to your bot.

The bot then operates based on these parameters and not on any alien set of automated procedures. Therefore, you should use a crypto trading bot because it can help you do some of the mundane activities that you are supposed to carry out as part of the cryptocurrency trading process.
Therefore, once you understand all the sophisticated technology behind crypto trading, and you have enough funds, you can use a crypto trading bot to save time.

Here are The List of Best Crypto Trading Bots

Many crypto trading bots that are on the market are not genuine. You stand to lose a lot of your money if you blindly download and use any bot that is available on the internet For you to get an ideal bot, you need to do some background checks on the brands that are available.

We have made the process easy for you by offering a review of the best crypto trading bots. You can choose the bot that meets your requirements from this list. Here is a review of the best crypto trading bots that are available.

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crypto robot365

What is crypto robot 365?  It is an auto trading computer program. It detects unpredictability in crypto markets and after that purchases and sells digital currency for profit. It synchronizes with the merchant account you make, and starts when you select “auto trade”.  Crypto Robot 365 is continuously adding new monetary standards, for example, Litecoin and Ripple, into its product so you can benefit from a broadened portfolio.

 How to deposit money into crypto robot 365  

Straightforward! Fill in the enrollment page on the homepage. Ensure you enter the right name, number, and email. Select your merchant which our product will synchronize with to create benefits. We suggest Binary Tilt. On the following page, tap the green DEPOSIT REAL MONEY catch.

You will be taken to a clerk page. You can deposit by means of Credit/Debit Card, Skrill, Neteller or Wire Transfer. Least deposit is $250.

This minimum deposit can earn you between $50-$100 every day, depending on the money and unpredictability.   We suggest $1,000 as an underlying venture sum. That way, you can win up to $400 everyday benefit.

Crypto robot 365 startup: It’s staggeringly straightforward! When you have financed your account, select your cryptographic money match, for instance, BTC/USD. Hit the ‘auto exchange’ catch, and watch the benefits grow.

Keep in mind, it’s great that you address one of our trading group after you have subsidized your account. They will prompt you on the most beneficial settings and systems.

How to withdraw money from an account : Simple – simply sign in, go to the clerk section of your merchant account, and highlight “withdraw”. Withdrawals are managed between 24-48 hours.

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Maximus Crypto Bot

It is necessary to point out a few things about Maximus at this stage. The individuals who are behind this bot say that it can predict trends in the cryptocurrency market by a margin of 93%. It is not clear whether this statement is true because no one has independently tested the bot to determine if it is 93% accurate in its predictions.

Another critical issue about the bot that should be pointed out here is that it does not have any new features. Primarily, Maximus is said to operate in the first manner of all auto trading bots. It tries to predict how the market reacts and makes the right decisions on investing your capital.

Thus, when you use the bot, all that you have to do is instruct it to make decisions on your behalf. The bot is then able to make smart choices that can lead to an increase in the value of your investment over time.


BTC Robot

BTC Robot is one of the oldest crypto trading bots that are available. There is nothing new in the way this bot operates. It comprises a sophisticated algorithm that reads the constant fluctuations that occur in cryptocurrency exchanges and makes the right decisions.

The makers of the bot claim that they usually monitor cryptocurrency exchanges on a 24/7 basis. They further say that once they understand the fluctuations that always occur in the exchanges, they help the algorithm to time the peaks and troughs strategically.

BTC Robot then accurately buys or sells your cryptocurrency based on the fluctuations. By using this approach, the robot helps to protect you from losses and enhance the value of your investment.

The makers of this robot recommend that you start with an investment of at least $500 for you to realize good benefits. They also say that the AutoTrader can help you get 1500% returns on your investment in cryptocurrencies every year.

It is important to note that you can still make good money by starting off with as little as $100 worth of investments in cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the promised returns of 1500% per year are within the range of what others have realized before. Therefore, there is nothing new in the way the bot functions and what it can do for you. Visit BTC Robot here


The heart of the functioning of this crypto trading bot is summarized in the following three words: monitoring, trading, and importing. The bot can do all these three things because it is compatible with many everyday cryptocurrency exchanges.

The Gekko algorithm has been specially designed to monitor trends in crypto trade on the various exchanges it can communicate with. The algorithm successfully simulates trading activities by using the data that it reads from the exchanges.

In the case of live trading, Gekko can effectively carry out essential buy and sell commands on the various cryptocurrency exchange platforms it runs. The algorithm uses highly advanced decision-making models to carry out the commands. It uses this approach to maximize the value of cryptocurrencies that it controls.

Finally, the bot can effectively access historical data on trading activities from exchanges. It uses the data to match live events and make better trading decisions.

You can modify the way this bot works and increase the chances of making more money by installing several indicators on its prediction model. All auto traders use very complex decision models to execute trading decisions.

You can modify the prediction model to make it more useful by altering the kinds of indicators that it relies on. Thus, for you to benefit from the Gekko crypto trading bot, you must ensure that you use various indicators to modify its prediction model.

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It is impossible to talk about the best crypto trading bots without mentioning Cryptotrader. This bot has several features that make it one of the best algorithms that automatically trade in cryptocurrencies that are available.

One of the most notable features of Cryptotrader is related to its compatibility with several cryptocurrency exchanges. For any crypto trader to trade effectively, it must be able to read the APIs of the specific exchanges it needs to operate on.

In this case, Cryptotrader can accurately read the APIs of Poloniex, Coinbase, and many other leading cryptocurrency exchanges. This feature is essential because it makes the crypto bot useful. Another essential feature of the bot is that it has a back-testing tool that you can use to assess its behavior under a different set of conditions.

The bot collects typically historical data about trading from the exchanges and stores it. You can then use the data to analyze how the bot would have behaved if it were supposed to operate under various market conditions. Thus, backtesting helps you to assess the level of efficiency of your bot, in general, and the way you have set it, in particular.

Finally, the bot is entirely cloud-based. It usually conducts all its backtesting and live trading events on its servers. Thus, once you install it, you can make a few modifications and monitor its performance over time. Visit Cryptotrader official Site Here

Crypto bot

Cryptobot is another vital crypto trading bot that you can use to automate your trading activities. Because Cryptobot is an open-source software program, one would expect that the developers would be actively modifying it. Such software programs need to be adjusted continuously modified to match the changes that take place.

Primarily, it is crucial for developers to update the number of exchanges that the bot has access to. However, this has not been the case for Crypto bot. Therefore, the algorithm is not up to date regarding the issue of the kind of exchanges that it can operate on.

However, this bot is well known for its capability to conduct high-frequency trading. This kind of trading is useful when you are relying on arbitrage to make money. In such a case, you need a bot that can make very many small transactions every day for you to take advantage of the changes in value among the various currencies and markets.

The algorithm that Crypto bot runs on can adequately handle these and many other kinds of transactions for you. Therefore, if you would like to use arbitrage as your primary money-making strategy, then you can comfortably rely on Crypto bot to execute it for you perfectly. Visit Cryptobot.com and Get 70% Discount


Tradewave is one of those best crypto trading bots that you would love to try out. One of the reasons why this may be an ideal auto trader for you is that it runs on the serves of the host company.

If the algorithm runs on your machine, it may end up hogging all your computing resources. If this happens, you may experience severe episodes of downtimes as your device would be struggling to cope. Sadly, when trading in cryptocurrencies, you are supposed to make hundreds of decisions within very short periods.

Therefore, you would not want to experience any form of interruption when trading cryptocurrencies. Although many crypto trading bots nowadays are cloud-based, the fact that Tradewave runs on the servers of the parent company means that it is one of the bots that you may have to try in the future.
Also, Tradewave has a faster backtesting rate than many other crypto trading bots. The performance of the bot is because it effectively collects, stores and analyzes a mass of trading data from the many exchanges that it is compatible with. Hence, you can use it to test your trading strategies extensively before you deploy it in live trading sessions.

However, remember that there is no evidence to show that Tradewave offers better returns than other crypto trading bots.

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Hassbot has been designed as a premium crypto trading bot. For you to use it, you have to be prepared to part with at least 0.12 BTC every month. This price is quite steep, particularly when you consider that many other bots cost much less.

Moreover, many bots offer various pricing plans with matching privileges to all their clients. However, if you are interested in getting what is described as superior services of this bot, then you may spend money on it.

The way it functions is similar to the fundamentals of crypto trading bots. It collects information from exchange platforms and uses the information to develop a decision model. It then uses the model to execute commands during live trading.

Interestingly, the bot supports various cryptocurrency pairs. You can use it to trade in many altcoins, unlike many other bots that only support Bitcoin.

Lastly, the kind of returns that you can get from using the bot is not known; however, you can rely on its proprietary strategies to make money while trading in cryptocurrencies. Visit HaasBot site Here


The owners who run this bot argue that their strategies have helped people make up to 150% profit on their investments in cryptocurrencies. Also, they say that they provide general advice on forex trading. Sadly, the firm does not show proof of its allegations.

However, it is normal for firms that deal in crypto trading to treat some information as confidential. But then it is a delicate balancing act to decide the kind of information that should be shared with the public and that which should be kept as a secret.

In the case of USI TECH, it may be important for the firm to indicate how the bot has been helping its customers to earn the returns on their investments. However, USI TECH, like any other bot, relies on the parameters that are set by the user to execute small buy and sell decisions. You can, therefore, modify the overall approach that the bot uses to complete transactions to get better results.


One of the things that make Cryptohopper to be included in the list of the best crypto trading bots is the design of its dashboard. Whether you are conversant with the technical parts of cryptocurrencies or not, you will find the dashboard appealing.

The user interface of the platform is based on the need to help you understand what is taking place and control the process. You can use some of the various functionalities that are included in the dashboard to tweak the way the bot analyzes markets.

Primarily, Cryptohopper seeks to maximize the value of your investments by taking advantage of the volatility of the market. When the conditions are suitable for you to buy, it may automatically do so. Alternatively, it may send you particular signals to the effect.

Similarly, when it predicts some changes in the market that you can profit from by selling at the moment, it may start to execute the commands or signal you first. The way the bot functions depends on your preferences. You can change its functionality by adjusting its parameters and general settings. Visit Cryptohopper.com & Get Free Trial for 1 Month

Gunbot Shop

Gunbot is a very versatile crypto trading bot. In the first place, it is compatible with many cryptocurrency exchanges. Some of the exchanges on which the bot can function include Binance, Bitfinex, Kraken, and Cryptopia.

Other platforms that the bot is compatible with are Bittrex and GDAX. Therefore, because the bot can effectively function on many platforms, it is easy and convenient for you to use it to trade in cryptocurrencies.

Second, Gunbot supports different pairs of coins during trading. If you use a bot that only supports Bitcoin, you may be limited in your trading endeavors. However, if you use one that supports various cryptocurrencies, then you will have the option of taking advantage of fluctuations in various coins.

The good news is that Gunbot supports various cryptocurrencies. You can, thus, use multiple pairs of coins to profit from your investment in cryptocurrencies. Similarly, the bot allows you to alter its decision-making base on your investment strategy. You can choose from the list of strategies that are provided or still include yours to make it more useful. Visit gunbot.shop official site


Leonardo is one of the best crypto trading blocks because of its distinctive features. For example, this bot has a well-developed interface that allows users to interact with the trading data directly. If you are the kind of person who would like to have hands-on control over everything that they do, then you will find this bot an ideal companion.

While using Leonardo, you can directly monitor what is taking place on the market and move your orders across the platforms to reflect your decisions. This functionality is necessary because it helps you to make better decisions when trading in cryptocurrencies.

Another distinctive feature of the platform is that it provides a very in-depth chart of prices. The price chart is an essential source of information that you rely on to make decisions while trading.

Thus, when you get the in-depth analysis of charts from this bot, you can quickly adjust its parameters to help it execute the right choices for you. Moreover, you can use the price chart that this bot provides to calculate your estimated gains while trading.

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There is very little information on how the Bitconnect algorithm functions. However, the company that runs the bot says that the algorithm collects data from all cryptocurrency exchange platforms and uses it to make investment decisions.

If you have ever used the Bitconnect auto trading software, you must have realized that the bot does almost all the heavy work. It appears that the developers invested a considerable amount of time in perfecting the decision-making tool of the platform.

It is important to mention that the bot is compatible with all the major operating systems. Unlike what is the case for some bots, you do not have to pay various prices if you use the bot on specific operating systems.

Some bots have entirely different rates depending on the operating system on which they are being used. However, for Bitconnect, you pay for the number of months that you would like to use it.

Lastly, the firm that is behind this bot says that you can make 1% returns on your investment every day by using this algorithm. It is not clear whether this statement is tenable. However, the fact that the bot can make the right decisions when tasked with the responsibility of trading means that you can try using it. Visit #1 Crypto Trading Robot

Crypto Auto Trade

Crypto Auto Trade is compatible with various cryptocurrency exchange platforms. The bot functions by sending signals to users when it predicts specific changes. The changes that the bot concentrates on are usually those that can be taken advantage of by the user. Thus, when you are trading via this bot, you will get signals asking you to make specific moves to leverage your earnings.

The firm behind Crypto Auto Trade bot does not state how successful the algorithm is. However, you will be forgiven to believe that this bot can help to increase your earning considerably.

Also, the bot uses various cryptocurrencies apart from the standard bitcoin. Some of the currencies that you can use while utilizing this bot include Litecoin and Ethereum. Therefore, compared to many other crypto trading bots, Crypto Auto Trade is advanced because it supports various cryptocurrencies. Read Full Review


Checking for the reliability of crypto trading bots is essential because many scammers operate in the industry nowadays. The scammers usually target people who are not highly knowledgeable about auto trading bots but are keen on making money through cryptocurrency trading.

In spite of the dangers that are associated with cryptocurrency trading bots in general, you can still use them to increase your earnings as an investor in cryptocurrencies.

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Crypto Trading Bot Ratings
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  • BTC Robot
  • Gekko
  • Cryptotrader
  • Cryptobot
  • Tradewave
  • Haasbot
  • Cryptohopper
  • Gunbot
  • Leonardo
  • Bitconnect
  • Maximus
  • Crypto Auto Trade


When choosing software from this or any other list of best crypto trading bots, you should carry out due diligence. Although all the bots are said to be able to increase your earnings dramatically, some of them may not live up to the expectations.

It is up to you to carry out extensive investigations to determine whether the bots do what their developers say or not. Also, you must take the time to assess the credibility of the bots that you would like to work with.
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