24option Review: Trading Crypto Currency with it Legit Or Not?

24option Overview

The age of online trading has come with its fair share of problems; biggest being, online scammers. It is due to this that people are often scared to invest online. But not all trading sites are a scam and where there is a fake a real always exist.

Hypothetically, I have never seen a fake $1000 dollar note because there is nothing like $1000 note. In my make money online endeavors, I stumbled upon the 24option, an online trading platform. I have decided to do 24option review.

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What Is 24option?

The 24option is an online crypto-currency trading platform. It is the most popular platform to make money online. By the time of this review 24option had 14000 users internationally. The platform was created in 2016 by a cryptocurrency genius Daniel Watanabe who is closely linked to the creator of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

How To Make Money Using it?

24option trading platform is meant to allow low and middle-income earners to invest. The platform uses the feelings and behavior of persons in the market to predict the trend of the market. Also, the platform is set in such a way it influences the market thus manipulating it to the favor of its customers.

This enabled the platform to generate a profit of 7% daily from 2% daily in 2010 when the platform was launched. it does not require your detailed personal information rather you only need to fill your name and email address to sign up. You are then required to deposit the amount you want to invest and start earning.

With it you don’t need to buy Crypto coins and store them for you to later re-sell because the 24Option does that for you. The benefit of this is the platform has a probability of 7/10 to pick a profitable trade for you.

How Much Can You Make Money With it?

Now we are going to do the math with you to at least paint a picture of how much one investment can earn you. The minimum amount you can invest in 24option is $99. With a 7% increase daily you will have $367 in the next 24hrs. That might seem so little, now do the math and tell me how much you would have gained in 60 days.

I personally can confirm that this 24option has helped me make riches and taught me a thing or two on trading and making money.

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What Do We Love About 24option?

It has given a chance to the low and middle-income earners to invest- with the harsh economy it is next to impossible for you to get an investment with high return and little investment. it has solved this by introducing a genius market approach and a low initial deposit.

♦ Unity is strength- the 24option trades together as a group so as to influence the market to their advantage.

♦  it has a user-friendly interface that accommodates everybody from anywhere in the world.

♦ 7% interest per day- this is my personal favorite. You can earn 7% interest daily doing nothing.

♦ It is free- Signing up for 24option is free of charge. This is unlike other trading platforms that charge you to trade.

♦ No hidden fees- the site does not have hefty hidden charges, this is one factor that makes it stands out from the rest.

♦ Guaranteed security- nobody wants to give his money in unsecured place. Financial has put measures to keep out all with ill motives.

How To Join 24option?

Joining 24option is as easy as ABC.

To sign up for 24option you have to have an e-mail account. Go to https://24option.com/ click on login then create a new account. You will be done creating that account within a minute. Then you can start trading. You can sign up and trade from any country in the world.

Tips To Earn More With 24option

Earlier in this review, I explained how the software is built to influence the market in its favor. This fact lands us on the first tip to earn more. You have to joins as many as possible so as to increase your ability to influence the market.

If you only invest the minimum then your returns will be low. It is therefore clever to increase your deposit to increase your daily return on investment.

Let your investment accumulate before withdrawal. This is because the platform pays the return on compound interest formula. So the higher your principal-the money you invest, the higher the returns.

Last but not least, you may want to have multiple investments. This helps you accumulate profit twice as much as possible.

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24option Complains

Nothing under the sun is perfect. There has been some complains that have been raised from users of the platform. In this Review, I am going to highlight some of these complains.

Sudden account closure

I have received reports on sudden account closure for no reason at all. The scenario is worsened when they continue to receive unwanted email. Usually, They closes account after a violation of the site’s terms and condition.

Withdrawal delays

Some traders have risen complains about delayed withdrawals. Normally the withdrawal is instant as the deposit is but some have risen complains that their withdrawal took hours before being confirmed. 24option in their newsletter acknowledged this and stated that they are working to rectify the problem. Recently i found that Now they solved this problem.

Is 24option Legitimate?

After a keenly done research, my genuine answer is, YES. The 24option is a legitimate online cryptocurrency trading platform. The writers of most 24option reviews posted on the internet have no account in the platform. I on the hand I dedicated myself to finding the truth and I can recommend 24option to anybody.

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